Vision Statement:

To have a transformative impact on society through education and research.

Mission Statement:

To educate the next generation of responsible citizens in a collaborative environment that promotes transformational learning, inspires creativity & solution orientation, and to make a meaningful contribution to business and society through research.

Core Values:

As an institute for transformational learning, IB&M values:

Diversity, because understanding differences develops respect and an appreciation for the infinite worth of every person.

Integrity, because honesty, trust, and credibility are the foundations of teaching and learning, enduring relationships, and strong communities. 

Collaboration, because teamwork, cooperation, and open communication are the means for creating synergies and reciprocity.

Excellence, because the relentless pursuit of self-improvement and embracing humility is the precursor to reaching full human potential.

Sustainability, because saving the globe for future generations is a collective responsibility.