Director’s Message

Welcome to the Institute of Business & Management (IB&M), where we put emphasis on outstanding, innovative, experiential learning, equipping our students with what they need to know for success in an ever-expanding global marketplace. Since its inception, IB&M’s Faculty of Business has been characterized and energized by its creative, entrepreneurial and dedicated faculty and staff. We are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience.

We encourage all members of the Institute of Business & Management community to look ahead with hope, optimism and ambition. Whether you’re a student entering a new semester at IB&M or an alumnus who remains committed to engaging your peers through your alma mater, I know that this year will be a prosperous one for you, as it will be for all of us. Let’s commit to work together in the year ahead, empowering one another to keep IB&M at the forefront of leadership, and in turn, making our communities into strong, vibrant and innovative spaces.

Your interaction with our faculty extends beyond the classroom.  From placement in internships and jobs to serve as references, the personal connection between our faculty and students is a hallmark of our program. The students, instructors, staff and alumni, all that make up the Institute of Business & Management family are a diverse group, each with their own dreams, but sharing the goal of forming a vibrant community. Every member brings unique talents and ideas that together form the foundation of our identity.

We invite you to explore our Website to get additional information on our programs, curricula, requirements and course offerings, and discover more about our faculty, staff and students. Yet, it is difficult to capture the extreme effort put forth by faculty and staff to provide students enrolled here with a sense of confidence and excitement about their professional future. I hope you will go beyond your visit to our website and take the opportunity to visit our campus and experience for yourself the positive attitude that is IB&M.