To have a transformative impact on society through education and research.

Our vision is accompanied by two fold mission statement:
• To be a leading institute producing socially responsible business leaders and managers capable of devising creative solutions.
• To build a productive alliance with academia and industry for wellbeing of the society.
IB&M has following espoused values:

1. Integrity:
We act with integrity and practice intellectual honesty.
2. Diversity:
We treat eachother with respect, embracing diversity of viewpoints.
3. Collaboration:
We see beyond our own interest and collaborate to create long term values for our students, institution, communities and country.
4. Excellence:
We are committed to excellence in all that we do,making continuous effort to create conducive environment for an enriching learning experience.
Institute of Business and Management (IB&M) has following objectives:

1. To equip students with necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to successfully manage and run businesses.
2. To create learning opportunities for students to practice their skills and demonstrate their knowledge through problem solving exercises,case studies and industrial projects.
3. To create awareness among students regarding social causes,motivating and assisting them to contribute towards socially uplifting activities.
4. To have highly competitive faculty to add value to the institution and facilitate learning process of students.
5. To strengthen quality research to contribute toward advancement in related fields of study.
6. To develop strong industry linkages.
7. To develop our curriculum which is aligned with emerging economic developments of the region.