UET’s Vision :

To generate knowledge for global competitive advantage and become a leading world class research University.

IB & M Vision :

We aspire to be one of the leading institute producing business professionals to contribute towards economic progression of the region.

Mission :

Our vision is accompanied by two fold mission statement:

To be a leading institute producing socially responsible business leaders and managers capable of devising creative solutions. To build a productive alliance with academia and industry for well being of the society.


IB & M has following espoused values:

  1. Integrity: We act with integrity and practice intellectual honesty.
  2. Diversity: We treat each other with respect, embracing diversity of viewpoints.
  3. Collaboration: We see beyond our own interest and collaborate to create long term values for our students, institution, communities and country.
  4. Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all that we do, making continuous effort to create conducive environment for an enriching learning experience.