Frequently Asked Questions (Admissions – 2017)

Q: Who will be degree awarding body?
Q: Are the degree programs recognized/ approved by UET?
A: Yes, All Courses are approved by Academic Council of UET.
Q: Is GAT/NAT compulsory for admission in IB&M?
A: No, we take our internal admission/ entry test for admission in undergraduate/ postgraduate programs.
Q: Is hostel facility available to all students?
A: Hostel Facility is available only for regular program like BBA not for weekend and evening programs.
Q: Is fee concession offered in IB&M for post graduate programs?
A: No, IB&M does not offer concession for post graduate programs.
Q: Are there any scholarships/ waivers available for students?
A: Merit based scholarships are available for position holders of all Punjab Boards. Other Fee Waivers include for Needy, Disables, Orphans, Graduates/ Employees of UET Lahore.
Q: Why Specialization in MBA Executive is not offered?
A: Because it’s a professional course and a student just has 22 courses for this degree.
Q: What are the salient features of Admission System of IB&M?
A: Admission is granted on the basis of candidates’ performance in Entry Test (NET/ GAT). The entire process of registration for admission is given online. Candidates must possess CNIC or Form B or NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis).
Q: What documents are essentially required to be submitted while applying for admission?
A: While applying for admission, possession of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) / Form ‘B’ or NICOP is mandatory. Online registration system does not require attachment of documents/ credentials. However, the same will be required for verification during selection and admission process of selected candidates.
Q: What is the processing fee for online registration for Admission/ Entry Test?
A: Rs.1,000 only.
Q: I am in my final year of A Levels and my result will be announced in August 2017. Can I apply?
A: Yes, you can apply, in such case you will be evaluated on the basis of ‘O’ levels equivalence marks but you have to provide equivalence certificate of ‘A’ levels within 15 days of announcement of result.
Q: What are the different Undergraduate/Graduate Programs offered at IB&M?
A: BBA, BSc. Management, MBA 1.5, MBA 2.5, MBA 3.5, MBA Executive, MBA Engineering, MS (MKT, MGT).
Q: Does IB&M offer scholarship / financial assistance?
A: Yes.
Q: What are the eligibility criteria for admission in different undergraduate programs?
A: Students can apply who got 60% marks in Intermediate and A Level program.
Q: Can I apply for more than one program?
A: Yes, by paying admission/ registration fee for each program.
Q: I am a foreigner and want to get admission at IB&M?
A: Yes, you can apply.
Q: Is an equivalence certificate of qualification other than Matric &F.Sc / FA necessary? Can I not submit my O’level and A’ level certificates? (I ask so, because I will be applying from abroad)?
A: We need A Level equivalence certificate.
Q: Is there any age limit for Undergraduate Admission?
A: No.
Q: Would the admission processing fee / security deposit be refundable in case a student does not join the University?
A: The University will refund only the security deposit to the candidates who do not join the university. Admission Processing Fee is non-refundable.
Q: I could not appear in IB&M Entry Test, Can I take the Test on some other day?
A: If a candidate fails to appear in the Test session he / she is not given another chance. But in case of extreme emergency, requests may be entertained on case to case basis, depending on availability of space.
Q: Is there any negative marking in the IB&M Entry Test?
A: No.
Q: Does IB&M allow Migration?
A: Yes, as per university migration policy.
Q: Whom should I contact for queries about IB&M Graduate/ Undergraduate Programs?
A: You can contact us on
Phone: +92 -42-99029494,
Phone: +92 -42-990250403,
Q: What is the syllabus of Entry Test subjects and format of questions?
A: IB&M Entry Test is based on NTS/GAT format.
Q: Can I get some sample Test papers of IB&M Entry Test?
A: Sample Test is available on website
Q: Will the result of Entry Test be declared?
A: Yes, you can visit & check your result on website.
Q: Can I apply for rechecking of Entry Test Result?
A: No.
Q: Does IB&M encourage participation in Extra Curriculum Activities?
A: Yes, IB&M encourages participation in Extra Curriculum Activities.
Q: Does IB&M allow Educational Trips?
A: IB&M allows all kinds of Educational Trips relevant to the projects.
Q: How many Specializations are offered in BBA?
A: HRM, MKT, Finance are offered in BBA.
Q: What is maximum duration of MBA Ex program?
A: Duration of MBA Ex is 2.5 to 4 years.
Q: Can we choose course work in duration of theses in MS program?
A: No.
Q: IS equivalence certificate from my last institution acceptable or it must be from HEC?
A: Equivalence certificate should be approved from HEC.
Q: What if I have not cleared GAT/NAT?
A: GAT/NAT is not mandatory for admission but once admission has been granted it can be cleared through the semester.
Q: What if I have incomplete transcripts of my last degree?
A: That’s makes you ineligible, admission will be cancelled.
Q: May I apply in more than one program with processing fee paid only once?
A: No, you will have to pay for each separate application.
Q: My job experience during my studies will be considered or not If I am applying for Ex MBA?
A: No, only post qualification job experience is counted.
Q: Does IB&M provide transportation facilities to Students?
A: Yes, transportation facilities are available for all students of the university by Transport dept.
Q: What are the fee concession criteria for students in IB&M?
A: Different fee concessions/ waivers are available to students. For details, contact Student Section of IB&M